Electrochemistry 2018, “Exploring the Fusion of Chemistry with Electrical Devices” June 11-12, 2018, Rome, Italy

Electrochemistry conference 2018 welcomes Electrochemical professionals, Electrochemist, Battery Developers, Sensors Makers, professors, researchers, research scholars, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and executives from all over the world to attend the “4th International Conference on Electrochemistry which is going to be held during June 11-12, 2018 at Rome, Italy which includes prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, symposiums, workshops and Exhibitions.

Electrochemistry  conference 2018 is a tremendous global platform to contest and learn about Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Corrosion Chemistry, Bioelectrochemistry, Computational Electrochemistry, Carbon Nanotubes, Fullerene Applied Electrochemistry and other fundamentals involved in the field of Electrochemistry. Electrochemistry conference has taken the initiation to gather the world class experts from both academic and industry in a common platform at Electrochemistry meeting.

Conference Highlights

  • Theoretical and Computational Electrochemistry
  • Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry
  • Photoelectrochemistry
  • Electrochemical Energy
  • Sensors
  • Organic and Bioelectrochemistry
  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Corrosion Science and Technology
  • Electronic Materials and Processing
  • Carbon Nanostructures and Devices
  • Dielectric Science and Materials
  • Electrochemical Electroless Deposition
  • Electrochemical Water Treatment
  • Electrochemical Surface Science
  • Electrochemical Engineering
  • Environmental Electrochemistry
  • Inorganic Electrochemistry
  • Market Surveillance of Electrochemistry
  • Applied Electrochemistry


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Titles and Topics

Organizing Committee for Electrochemistry 2018:

  • Doron Aurbach, Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), Israel
  • John Muldoon, Toyota USA The Scripps Research Institute, USA
  • Shozo Yanagida, Osaka University, Japan
  • Maria Valnice Boldrin Zanoni, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
  • Vladimir Sergeevich Bystrov, Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS, Russia
  • James Y. Becker, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • Marie Christine Record, Aix-Marseille University, France
  • Pascal Boulet, Aix-Marseille University, France

Keynote Speakers

  • Jelena Popovic, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany
  • Habil Ralph Gilles, Technical University of Muenchen, Germany
  • Joachim Maier, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany

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